Amazing Drummer Prodigy Update: He May Be Little, But He's Doing Big Things

Malachi Samedy isn't your everyday drummer. Since he started at age 2, he hasn't stopped! At 4-years-old he was accepted to music school and has also played with seasoned professionals and Grammy winners. Malachi has also performed at Haiti & Japan relief benefit events and was also invited to play for President Obama, while trying to achieve his dream of playing for the president.

At age 6, along with five-time Grammy award winner Roy Wooten, Malachi performed for the "Sending Our Love to Haiti" benefit, and helped raised over $100,000 for a children's hospital and burn unit in Haiti. After the devastating tsunami in Japan, Malachi performed alongside some premier talents including performers from The New York Philharmonic, and The Metropolitan Opera, at the "KIBO Japan" benefit in efforts to help raise funds for the tsunami survivors.

In 2015, he was recipient of the NAACP Youth Award and received a Joint Legislative Resolution by The Senate and General Assembly for using his talent to help children in America and abroad. In February, as part of Black History Month recognition by the State of New Jersey Legislature, Malachi Samedy '22 was invited to address and perform for the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly. Malachi's performance was followed by his being presented with a Joint Legislative Resolution, honoring him for his "ongoing commitment to the betterment of children worldwide." The proclamation was the culmination of an incredible career in music thus far. Named as one of the twelve most talented and Tiny Child Prodigies in the world by "The Huffington Post."

He is currently studying at Mark Murphy's Music. He is the youngest student to be accepted there, and his curriculum consists of courses in Traditional Music Theory, Rhythmic Syncopation and Modern & Classic Drum styles with an emphasis on Jazz. When he isn't studying at Mark Murphy's, he is taking classes at The Thurnauer School of Music about composition, classical piano, and big band.

Malachi was a part of the original cast for Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock musical, playing the part of Leonard and he has also been featured in two documentaries: "Totally Alive", a film about amazing people around the world doing amazing things with their lives; and "Encounters in Jazz", a film on jazz legends and musicians. Malachi hopes to one day teach jazz to other children around the world.

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