Adopt-a-Cat Month is Here: Find a New Furry Friend This June

Calling all animal lovers: Friday, June 1st marks the start of Adopt-a-Cat month. As of today, there are over a million cats and kittens in America's shelters. In my opinion, that's a million too many. I've collected three stories to inspire you to visit a shelter and pick up your very own fantastic feline.

1) Coffee and Cats is the Winning Combo

Have you ever wanted to kick back in a café while cuddling a cat? The Orlando Cat Café is the place for you! Located in the outskirts of Disney's Animal Kingdom, this café is the realized dream of business woman and cat lover Sandra Cagan. Sandra has created an environment in which the cats are able to play and socialize, while patrons can enjoy- and potentially adopt- a kitty. And the result? Since its opening in 2016, The Orlando Cat Café has aided in the adoption of over 80 cats.

2) Kittens Make Everything Better

Meet Tonya Andrews, a math teacher at Joshua High School in Joshua, Texas. As we all know, losing a pet is tragic. Tonya was completely heartbroken after the death of her 16-year-old cat, Blondie, who had passed away in Tonya's arms while on the way to the vet. On the following day, Tonya was visibly upset in school, and her students took notice. Two female students coordinated to bring Andrews roses, cupcakes, balloons… and two kittens! This video captures the teacher's pure joy upon receiving her surprise.

3) High-Five? More Like High-Paw

More than 400 shelter cats participating in the Cat Pawsitive initiative have been adopted. What do they all have in common? Each and every one of them knows how to high-five! Lead by Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell, the initiative encourages shelters to teach tricks to their feline residents. This interaction is vital to the cats in order to relieve the stress of shelter life while also making them more appealing to potential adopters. Who could pass up a cat that knows how to high-five?

So, are you feeling inspired? Cats are cool, quirky companions, and they all deserve happy homes. Find your way to the nearest animal shelter this June, and celebrate Adopt-a-Cat month with your new friend!

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