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Adam & Jared LIVE - One Step Closer To The Big Day! Adam & Jared Get Their Wedding Rings!

It all started with the Viral Flash Mob Wedding Proposal...and now they're buying their wedding rings!


They're in the home stretch to the wedding of the year! They've picked their wedding party, the DJ, the venue and ordered the invites, now they're giving us an exclusive sneak-peek into the minute details of their big day! You don't want to miss this!

The big day is set for early September and the finishing touches are coming along nicely. What food did Adam & Jared decide to serve for their big day? Find out below!

What's On The Menu At Adam & Jared's Big Wedding Day?!

They're in the home stretch to the wedding of the year! With the wedding coming up in a few months, today Adam &Jared's task at hand is to figure out what kind of food they want at their wedding!

In case you missed any episodes and want to get caught up before the big "I do's". Watch every episode here!
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