We Produced A Music Video About Our Love For Senior Dogs, Because They Deserve It

You may be familiar with the challenges that many senior dogs face. They are often overlooked in shelters, as many people prefer to adopt puppies, and yet as they experience age-related changes like diminished senses and strength, they become more dependent on humans. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have friends who are dedicated to helping provide love to senior dogs in need. It was with some of those friends that we produced this music video for an original song called "Never Too Old to Love."

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8 Deserving Rescue Dogs Get A Holiday Surprise!

Chris and Mariesa, from the HooplaHa series 'Life In The Dog House' get a big surprise on their doorstep, a BarkBox delivery for their 8 senior rescue dogs! BarkBox is a monthly surprise of treats and toys your dog will love. The “Life in the Dog House” gang shows that no matter how old you are, all dogs love getting special treats.

Show your pooch a little love too! Click on this link: BarkBox.com/gomrmo and you will get a free extra month on any plan you buy!

Also check out how else Chris and Mariesa are helping senior dogs through The Mr Mo Project!

Video produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot & edited by Johnny Perez. To see more videos like this check out the Life In The Dog House channel on the HooplaHa network.


Mr. Mo Project Is Saving Senior Dogs & Helping Cure Depression

Vicky Neville and her tender hearted bull dogs did not always have it easy. After years of heartache and enduring the loss of three bull dogs, recovering from divorce and witnessing the passing of her sister and soulmate, Vicky was admitted into inpatient care for her chronic depression. While in recovery, she heard about the Mr. Mo Project, a non profit organization that finds loving homes for senior dogs. On Easter Sunday, Mr. Mo Project founders, Chris and Mariesa Hughes showed up at Vicky's house with Macy, a senior bull dog. Vicky and Macy connected instantly and before Vicky knew it, her life began to change. She found herself living life again, laughing, gardening, and rediscovering the parts of her day that made her truly happy, all with her new companion by her side. We all know that shelter dogs need our love, but sometimes it's the unconditional love from a dog that can make all the difference to its owner.

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The Newlywed Game: Dog House Style!

Chris and Mariesa Hughes have been married for one year. With a furry family of 8 dogs all under one roof, life can get pretty hectic... How do they make time for themselves? How well do they actually know each other? Watch Life In The Dog House's newest episode where Chris and Mariesa compete for bragging rights on who knows the other best... Just in time for Valentine's Day!

This episode of LITDH was produced and edited by Angela Wilhelm. Want more from the Dog House? Check out their YouTube channel, part of the HooplaHa Network.

A “Dog House” Road Trip Saves Two Adorable Pups

Mariesa Hughes from HooplaHa's hit web series "Life In The Dog House" is going to FLORIDA! Follow Mariesa and her father as they travel to save Walter and Marcie, two adorably lovable pups from Hernando County Animal Services to bring them to their "furever" homes through the Mr. Mo Project!

To donate to the Mr. Mo Project, click here.

This episode of LITDH was produced and edited by Angela Wilhelm. Want more from the Dog House? Check out their YouTube channel, part of the HooplaHa Network.

Heartwarming Way Family Cares For Their Adopted Special Needs Dog

When Chris and Mariesa Hughes, owners of 9 rescue dogs, found out their bull terrier, Meatball, may have autism they became determined to make his life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible--going above and beyond to get him the best treatment and professional help. In addition to traditional treatment methods, the couple has also started trying some of their own remedies including giving Meatball a homecooked diet of rice and vegetables, his own weighted vest and frequent rubdowns with the dustbuster (hey--don't knock it till you try it). While Meatball certainly requires some extra care, Chris and Mariesa say he's the cuddliest dog of the pack and they are blessed to have him as part of their family.

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