Professional Organizer Helps Wounded Warrior Get Extreme Closet Makeover!

After 36 years in the military, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Luciano Yulfo ended his career in Afghanistan when a bomb shattered his left leg, leaving him disabled and soon to be without a leg. His 27-year-old daughter Sonia is his only caretaker, so it's really tough trying to keep their house in order. But help is on the way! Professional organizing expert, Barbara Reich and ClosetMaid are giving them each a much-needed closet makeover!

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Series - Joy Story

Size Does Matter! How To Find More Space In A Tiny Kitchen!

Watch Barbara Reich take on Adam & Jared's new home's kitchen!

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New House? New Baby? Grandpa To The Rescue!

Life Organized

How far can a father go to show his love for his child? For Steve McCarthy, that love was expressed in helping his daughter Elizabeth, son-in-law Brad, and grandson Thomas move into their new home! Moving from a small urban apartment to a first home in the suburbs is never an easy task, especially for two working parents with a small child and a second baby on the way AND with all of the organizing and renovating to do!

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Are You Traveling This Holiday? Stress Less With These Packing Tips!

The holidays are upon us! That means, for some people, a lot of traveling. Are you going to see friends and family this year? If you're like us, packing is not your favorite thing to do. We know there has to be a better system than our current throw-everything-in-the-bag method. Thanks to our friend Barbara, there is!

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Who Knew A Kitchen Could Be This Organized?

Is your kitchen organized? I know, it may seem like a foreign concept. Since it is one of the most used rooms in our house, it can be tough keeping it clean and organized. What if I told you it is possible AND easy?

Barbara Reich, our expert organizer, will save you time and hassle on this brand new episode of Life Organized, a HooplaHa Original Series, by revealing insider tricks to keep your kitchen organized! With just a few adjustments and/or additions, you can actually love your kitchen again!

Like this Video? Get more great tips to keep your hectic life organized at Just For Mom, part of the HooplaHa network.

Moms: Turn a Drab Dorm Room Into a College Kid’s Dream

For professional organizer Barbara Reich, no cluttered room is a challenge. With a 360-degree approach to organizing, Barbara can take any room from messy to magical! With more than 15 years of experience, Barbara has appeared on TODAY and has also written an award-winning book for Simon & Schuster, "Secrets Of An Organized Mom," where she teaches readers how to apply the four steps of organizing - Purge, Design, Organize, Maintain. In HooplaHa's hit web series, "Life Organized with Barbara Reich," Barbara puts her organizational skills to work in an effort to improve the lives of those who need it most.

In the latest episode, Barbara reveals her dorm room organization essentials for your back to school shopping. Don't let the cramped spaces make you nervous, check out this video and make dorm living a breeze!

Stay connected with Barbara on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

This episode of "Life Organized with Barbara Reich" was shot and edited by Matt Lagle and Andrew Osborne. Casting performed by Rob Decina. Want more feel good videos? Check out our YouTube channel -- and don't forget to smile!

Quick Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized

Is your closet a disaster? Do you find yourself wasting priceless minutes searching for that perfect shirt to complement your dress pants in the morning? Let Barbara Reich, our expert organizer, save you time and hassle on this brand new episode of Life Organized, a HooplaHa Original Series, by revealing insider tricks on separating those easy-to-lose clothing essentials so you have more time to live the life you love!

Like this Video? Get more great tips to keep your hectic life organized at Just expand=1] For Mom, part of the HooplaHa network.

Professional Organizer Helps You Live Your Best Life

Life can get busy, chaotic and rushed. Therefore causing aspects of our life to get messy; our homes, closets, kitchens and offices.... you name it. We have teamed up with Professional Organizer, Barbara Reich who is also an award winning author with Secrets of an Organized Mom. Barbara is here to help us tackle even the most disorganized areas. "Helping somebody get organized can really change their life. They're less stressed, they're less overwhelmed. They have more time to do the things they want to do. They're happier." What's even better is her tips are easy. You won't get overwhelmed or break the bank. From organizing your kid's bedroom to your closet - Barbara is just interested in helping you live your best life! Stay tuned for all her helpful, tip-filled videos, starting this Thursday, 3/5!


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