8 Independence Day Traditions You Should Try

1) Patriotic Breakfast

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The Fourth of July comes once every year so you've got to start the day right. You should probably do it by dressing up a waffle as an American flag. Add strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream on top of the waffle in whatever pattern you wish, and boom: waffle flag. Here's a recipe to start you off.

2) Patriotic Desserts

Since we're starting with waffles loaded with cool whip, let's get right into the desserts, shall we? These red, white and blue popsicles look amazing

Patriotic ice cream pops:

Recipe here.

3) American Tin Can Windsock

Get your craft on and hang one of these puppies in the yard. A warm summer breeze will have your patriotic windsock flowing ever so... patriotically. YEAH. Get the directions here.

4) Flag Etiquette

It is never too late to brush up on some flag etiquette, or 'flag code,' as I've heard it referred to. And while you're at it, you can also learn how to hold a flag properly. Hooray, manners!

5)  Patriotize the Family

With all the crafts suggested above, why not take the opportunity to take a family photo? You can coordinate with each other on the outfits, put together a patriotic background, and bam! You've got a great family photo.

6) Organize a Patriotic Bike Parade

If you are looking for a different type of parade to attend this year, why not organize a patriotic bike parade with your neighborhood? Not only will everyone be showing off their top 4th of July style, but the everyone will enjoy hanging out with their neighbors.

7) FireWorks T-shirts

These are fun to make and they're fun to wear. All you need is a (preferably white) tshirt, fabric paint, pipe cleaners, paper, and large paper plates. Before you know it, presto: adorable t-shirts. Get the directions here.

8) Make a Care Package for the Troops

Last but not least, a great thing to do on the Fourth of July is to give back to the troops with a care package. Just make sure to check with whatever organization you use to make sure the care package suits the troops' needs best. Usually, everything you send should be travel size so it is easier to carry, and dont forget to write a nice thank you note to go along with it.
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