7 Years Later, Lost Dog Finds His Owner

Mike Nuanes recieved a truly unexpected phone call. More than seven years ago his puppy Jordan went missing. He disappeared from his loving Colorado home and Nuanes never expected to see him again after months of searching. Last month, however, Nuanes' girlfriend received a phone call from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta saying they had found the missing pup!

In October, Jordan was brought to the shelter by a stranger who had found the pooch as a stray. The pup's microchip was scanned and revealed that Nuanes was the owner. When he went to pick up Jordan, Mike found much to his dismay that the pup had a host of medical issues. While there is still no knowledge as to where the pup has been all these years, Jordan has been brought to Nuanes' happy home where is is joined by four other dogs. He has also been seen by a vet and is getting healthier every day.

H/T Huffington Post



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