6-Year-Old Surfer Is Better Than Pros Despite Her Disease

They call her 'The Flying Squirrel".  6-Year-Old Quincy Symonds has people completely amazed by her surfing skills and courage to battle her genetic condition congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The disease limits her body's ability to make certain vital hormones. Though more stable today,  her body doesn’t produce cortisone, so she depends on three daily doses of steroids. But this does not stop the incredible surfer from doing what she loves. At the age of 4, Quincy admired her father's surfing and decided she would do the same. “I have never seen a surfer male or female this good at such an early age — and I’ve taught thousands of kids to surf,” her coach, Anthony Pope, told TODAY.com. Within a few first attempts, the fearless girl was up riding waves. It is obvious she has a natural talent, and her courage won't let her disease stop her from fulfilling it.

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