6 Reasons You Want To Relax And Play In Austria

Vaca is all about the rest and relaxation, and there might not be a better place to do it than in Austria. Just by looking at these photos, I felt more calm. I can only imagine what it's like to actually be there. But Austria isn't only about surrounding you with breathtaking nature. There are also pockets of thrill in Europe's most scenic collection of villages.

1. Hallstatt

Vacation Homes

You've got to see the Bone House.

Atlas Obscura

When you're done relaxing, you can channel your inner Indiana Jones and visit one of Located in the basement of the Church of Saint Michael is a Karner, a house for second burials. In centuries past, Hallstatt ran out of space to bury the dead, so to make room, the bones of other deceased people were exhumed. In 1720, a tradition began where the skulls of the deceased were painted and etched with symbolic decorations so the dead would be remembered even though they no longer had graves.

2. Alpbach


Why you want to go: Alpbach has been awarded several times for being awesome, including:

- Austria's most beautiful village

- Europe's most beautiful flower village

- Austria's best drinking water quality (Alpbach Crystal Water) - best quality straight from the mountains.

- It also received a clean air certificate in 1975.

- One more thing: Every August since 1945, Alpbach has hosted European Forum Alpbach, a conference that A meeting place for countless personalities and experts in the field of politics, industry, science and culture.

3. Wattens

Twisted Sifter

Obviously the structure in the picture above is not naturally made. What you see is the entrance to the Swarovski Kristalwelten (crystal worlds) Museum. It's Austria's most sought after tourist attraction, that gets visitors from all over the world. Only in Austria can you take a picture of a museum and have half of it feature grass and a forest cascading over rolling hills. Oh, Austria.

4. Fiss

Vacation Homes

Why you want to go: You can basically fly. The Fiss Summer Fun Park will give you a better view of the amazing landscape with the Skyswing, and the Fiss Flieger. From the looks of it, it doesn't look like there are any terrifying mascots to pester you. Yay.



5. Tyrol


 Ever want to take a thermal bath outside next to a mountain? Done.


6. Going am Wilden Kaiser


As in I'm GOING to frolic on that hill like Julie Andrews could only dream of.



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