50 Things Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Whatever your age, these are really good life tips to keep in mind. Here are 10 of my favorites and why:

1) Find a hobby that does not involve electronics.

This is possibly my favorite tip of the entire article. As a generation we are so connected all the time. It's good to step back to the basics.

2) Have a favorite author.

This doesn't have to be a novelist, it could be a blogger, or any sort of constant content creator. It's good to have someone to count on, on someone you can say you 100% love.

3) A comfy bed.

Comfort is worth the price, a good bed will have tons of benefits to reap for quite a while.

4) Being ok with ditching a previous plan.

We all need to be prepared to not be prepared. There are hurdles in life and you may have to change your plans. And change them again. It's important for your mental health to know that is highly probable and it's ok.

5) A workout regimen.

Your body is your temple, take care of it! Again simple is good, don't have the time of the money for intense personal training lessons? Search YouTube for some quick workout videos, check out my previous post on online fitness experts!

6) Learn to cook two great meals.

I love how they say just two, more than two can be overwhelming less than two can pretty much be considered one. Keep these in your back pocket for emergencies and future fancy dinner parties.

7) Learn to step out of your comfort zone.

Easier said than done this bit of advice is a keeper. Just do it!  Don't make excuses! Bad decisions can be come good lessons.

8) Money management is important.

You probably already know that money management is important. But starting a savings account and having a backup plan sometimes isn't at the top of the list for those of us with college loans etc. Make it a priority, you'll feel much safer for it.

9) It's ok to "do you".

Sometimes you just need some time to yourself to just be. This could be with crappy re-runs, crappy pizza, a bottle of wine or just you and your dog cuddling. Whatever it is, set time aside for you!

10) Go on lots of dates!

How do you know what you like if you've only dated the same guy? Don't settle. (Or so the tip says .....) On the other side don't date, do what make you happy!

Read the rest of these tips here!

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