5 Green Movements You Want To Help

Salamatu's Story: One Woman's Journey to Becoming a CWS Water Entrepreneur

Help CWS build sustainable water businesses in two new regions of Ghana.

Time left to donate: Time's Up! Visit CWS to learn more about how you can help. 

Why you should help out: Community Water Solutions is a fairly new company with a simple, critical goal: Empowering women to launch sustainable water businesses. They don't drill wells. Instead, they bring students and young professionals from around the world to Ghana, West Africa. There, they work with the community to build sustainable water treatment centers and train local women to run them. Over the past five years, CWS has launched 49 water businesses in Ghana which empower 98 women entreprenuers. 100% of their businesses are still in operation today.

The Treasure You Hold in Your Hands Every Day - by Compostory.org

Hipifying Organic Waste with a Digital Makeover...

Time left to donate: 10 days

Why you should help out: Compostory.com wants to revolutionize the act of recycling. It's not just for plastic, metal and cardboard anymore--organic waste can be re-birthed into an eco-friendly alternative to the piles of waste that grow in mass (and stank) every day. On their campaign page, Compostory says, "In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that diverting organic waste from landfills will avoid 6.3 million metric tons of methane per year in the country, the equivalent of keeping 24 million cars off the road each year!" That's a lot of relief for the environment, and quite frankly for us as well. If you don't think this is worth it, try to remember what it's like when you forget to bring out the trash. I'd give money to make that smell never happen again.

SF Bay Area: What Could Have Been

Creating a graphic novel to tell the story of how different the SF Bay Area could have looked had 1950s-70s development schemes been successful

Time left to donate: 20 days

Why you should help: This is a novelty in the green movement. Most actions involve a forward-oriented approach--an attempt to do something now, so that the environment will benefit in the future, not unlike planting the seed of a tree. This campaign is looking backward. Apparently, the San Francisco Bay Area was almost overrun with buildings, highways, nuclear power plants, and high rises. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated activists, it was not. The Bay Area remained as the haven of natural beauty it is today. This campaign hopes to pay tribute to that huge achievement by fully illustrating what the Bay Area could have looked like had no one done anything to protect its environment. It could serve as a reminder to current green movements that their work can succeed and make a huge difference.

Pop-Up Repair

Theatre artists break the cycle of use-and-discard consumer goods.

Time left to donate: 15 days

Why you should help: We don't all live in areas where planting a flower in the park, or in a backyard garden is possible. Those in the concrete jungles have a slightly harder time being environmentally conscientious when they're surrounded by, well, concrete. This campaign is driven by the idea that being environmentally responsible is just as important as being a responsible consumer. These "theater artisans" hope to foster this by opening a repair shop where people bring broken items they don't want to throw out. It's a small project that could start a movement that gives relief to the planet and to the economy.

Hitting Home: Stories From the Frontlines of Our Energy Revolution

Hitting Home is a multimedia journalistic project to document the lives of people most impacted by extreme energy extraction.

Time left to donate: 24 days

Why you should help: Tara Lohan has been an environmental journalist for 15 years, documenting the way energy is harvested, how communities are affected by those practices and how those communities are reacting. In her video she says most of the stories she hears are depressing, like the woman who wakes up at 4 AM to the clamor of fracking right next door. Lohan's goal is to travel across the country to find and share stories of how the concomitant struggle and outrage of climate change evolves as businesses drill deeper into the ground for energy.

4th Generation Tire Business Thrives With Unbreakable Bond

** For National Bosses Day, we honor the memory of our friend, neighbor, and small business owner who passed on recently, Tim Currie. Thanks to his loving family, Currie Tire continues to thrive as it has for over 90 years. **

Tim Currie is a devoted family man, just like the two generations of Currie's before him. He is the proud owner of Currie Tire of Norwalk, CT, which was started by his grandfather LJ Duck Currie in 1929. His two sons, Adam and Tim Jr, have also decided to follow in their family footsteps and inherit the dream of generations past that started 86 years ago.

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60-Year-Old Skateboarder Is A Hero To At-Risk Kids

** OGTV's second GOOD STORY of the week is about a not so young skateboarder who is inspiring and mentoring others in his neighborhood by showing them to take risks and reach for the stars! **

Skateboarding isn't always associated with positivity and motivation. But Neal Unger and a non-profit called Next Up Foundation is rewriting the rulebook on how kids interact with skateboarding and skate culture.

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Series - Beauty Redefined

Dudeoir Competes for the Ultimate Beard! (Beauty Redefined E5)

** OGTV's second BEAUTY REDEFINED playlist video of the week follows Josh as he competes against a strong field of men and women in an area he truly excels - growing a beard! **

In this episode of Beauty Redefined, "dudeoir" model and bail bondsman Josh Varozza introduces us to the unique world of Beard Competitions! Josh heads out to the The Northern California Beard and Moustache Competition at the California Automobile Museum where he will compete in the 8th annual Beard and Mustache competition, hosted by the MBSC – the Moustache and Beard Social Club. Josh will go head-to-head against some of the most impressive facial hair he has ever seen, but he will also go heart-to-heart with his competitors to find out how their facial hair makes them feel and what makes it a key part of their inner and outer beauty.

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Young Cancer Survivor Brings Luck To College Football Team

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY of the week is about a boy named Joey, his love of football, and the team that draws inspiration from his battle with brain cancer. **

Meet the boy who inspires an entire team to do their best. Joey was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of five and has been in remission for the past 9 years.

Thanks to the efforts of a not-for-profit called Friends of Jaclyn, Joey was "adopted" by the Stony Brook University Football Team as their good luck charm. For four and a half years, he has attended practices, rushed the field before kick off, and has attended 4 league championships, all of which were won by Stony Brook.

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Pets and Animals: Stories of Warmth, Joy, and Connection (Trailer)

Pets and Animals add a unique dimension to our lives. Whether it's the familiar nuzzle of the family pet, the grandeur of a bird in flight, or the kooky antics of goats in a farm yard, animals give us a special warmth, joy, and excitement. Watch this week's featured stories of OGTV's full menagerie of characters in action here!

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Beating Breast Cancer on The Runway

** Most of us are either directly impacted or know someone affected by breast cancer. In recognition of this ongoing battle, OnlyGood TV will be sharing several stories throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to shed light on how individuals and families are coping with this disease. This story highlights women who are owning the runway at #Cancerland to demonstrate that breast cancer does not define them. **

#Cancerland was started by Champagne Joy, a fearless survivor of Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, who desperately wished to change the world and create awareness for metastatic cancer survivors. Her goal was to have survivors walk the runway at Fashion Week in NYC and in 2017, she made it happen! Sixteen metastatic breast cancer models all wore AnaOno lingerie and lounge-wear designed specifically for women who have had mastectomies, breast reconstruction or breast surgery following a cancer diagnosis. Sadly, Champagne Joy passed away shortly after the 2017 Runway Show.

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Series - Beauty Redefined

Finding Love Behind The Lens for Dudeoir and His Photographer! (Beauty Redefined E4)

** OGTV's first BEAUTY REDEFINED playlist video of the week is a look back at the story that captures the magic, fun, and family joy of Josh and Tami's wedding. **

Wedding bells are ringing! In this very personal episode of Beauty Redefined, we join Tami Bears and Josh Varozza at Hagen Ranch, in Plattsville, California, as their families gather to celebrate the joining of this unique couple and the start of their lives as husband and wife.

Tami was the photographer and Josh was the subject of an offbeat calendar of light-hearted photos that struck a chord with people across the country. Josh, a big guy with tattoos and an incomparable beard, struck "seductive" poses for the camera clad in patriotic attire and this series of "dudeoir shots" quickly went viral. Josh became a role model for people struggling to love themselves and Tami became much more than just a friend...they fell in love and got engaged!

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8-Year-Old Violinist Excels Despite Hand Disability

** OGTV celebrates the International Day Of The Girl with this inspiring story of a young girl who refuses to let her disability get in the way of her love of music. **

How often do we come across situations in our daily lives where we just shake our heads and decide we can't do something? Typically, we have the luxury of this choice, but for some people, "can't" is not an option. Meet Nickie Alarie, age 8, who was born with a hand deformity which significantly limits her use of this "small" hand to a low range of capability. But don't think for a minute that she considers her condition an obstacle.

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