30 Delightful, Hardly Believable, but Totally True Facts

1. A woman was pregnant for 42 years.

2. Canada has a free car service that will drive you home if you drink too much over the holidays.

3. There is a mountain civilization in Bugarach who believe aliens will protect them from the apocalypse.

4. Since the 80s, a man has been building a 10,000 sq. ft. bomb shelter, known as the second ark, to house 500 people free-of-charge in case the world ends.


5. In 2009 a doctor won the Nobel Prize for cracking the knuckles of one hand for 60 years.

6. Jellyfish can evaporate.

7. In 1998, Sony accidentally released cameras that could see through clothing.

8. Sugar helps clean and heal flesh wounds.

9. A man in Utah changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex.

10. Cuddling actually helps wounds heal faster due to the release of oxytocin.

11. Eating an excessive amounts of blue M&M's can help heal spinal injuries and turn your skin blue.


12. Tim Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, was also the voice of both the narrator and The Mayor in "The Powerpuff Girls", Heffer in "Rocko's Modern Life," Spyro in the "Spyro the Dragon" game series, and currently voices Ice King in "Adventure Time."

13. In 1966, the mafia invested $3,500 to turn the Stonewall Inn into the first and only gay bar in NYC where dancing was allowed.

14. Ke$ha is considered a "gifted genius." She scored a 1500 on the SAT and has an IQ of over 140.

15. Happy and energetic people are more immune to getting colds and the flu than depressed and angry people.

16. Cheerleading began as an all-male sport in 1898. Women didn't join until over 20 years later and they looked like this:


17. Wedding rings were initially put on the left ring-finger because people thought it was the only finger that contained the "Vena Amoris," a vein connecting to the heart.

18. It is illegal to play croquet before 2 p.m. in Baltimore, MD...

19. One time, Justin Bieber cut his hair and lost 80,000 followers on Twitter.

20. President John Quincy Adams kept a pet alligator in the White House.

21. Playing video games helps you make right decisions faster.

22. According to his driver's license, Spongebob was born on July, 14, 1986... which means he is 26 years old.


23. Dancing helps lower blood pressure.

24. The first Harry Potter book was rejected by twelve publishing houses for being "too long."

25. You can hire a professional cuddler from The Snuggery to snuggle with for $60/hour.

26. Chocolate milk was originally sold as medicine.

27. The bandits that committed the Great Train Robbery in 1963 played Monopoly with real money afterward.


28. Getting chills when listening to music is called "musical frisson."

29. In Denmark, you get paid to go to school.

30. Jeanne Clament, who died at 122 years old, attributed her longevity to putting olive oil on her food and on her skin, drinking port wine, and eating a kilogram of chocolate every week.

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