20 Simple Ways To Be Happy

A lot of studies show that being happier leads to a healthier life. I'm not saying you need to be happy 24/7; because well that's just crazy talk. But being generally happy is possible and important. There are some practices to integrate into every day life to ensure you are living your happiest life. I came across this list of 20 ways to be a happier individual.

1. Don't attach your happiness to anything external. Happiness comes from within. If you attach your happiness to a job, relationship or something of monetary value you are setting yourself up with expectations. Those things are not permanent factors in your life. Happiness needs to come from you.

2. Don't take yourself too seriously. Our egos use anger to protect themselves, therefore causing unnecessary stress. Lighten up.

3. Give freely. Give. Give. Give. Even if it is just a kind word or compliment.

4. Receive openly. Take compliments and gifts as easily as you can give them.

5. Play and be silly. Channeling your inner child can bring back memories and lighten your mood.

6. Consciously connect with sunlight. Feel the sun and warmth on your skin. It can boost your mood and energy. Vitamin D can be your best friend!

And of course, I have to leave off with this gem...

7. Be a duck. "Let negative stuff roll off your back. Life's too short to expend energy getting your feather's ruffled."

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