Young Siblings Play Music In The Subway To Raise Money For Homeless

I don't know what is more beautiful, their music or hearts! Lauren, 11, Ashleigh, 10, and Christian Conner, 9, are extremely amazing kids. The siblings are tremendously talented musicians.

Lauren and Ashleigh, who are both gifted violinists, and Christian, an accomplished cellist are very accomplished for such a young ages. What makes them even more incredible little people is what they are doing with their talent.

After they moved from New Jersey to Manhattan last year, the trio noticed all the homeless people around the city.

“I saw [the homeless people] on the street and I felt sad for them,” Christian told People.

They decided to play music to raise money for the less fortunate. Their mom fully supported their idea. While their weekdays are consumed by school and lessons, they use their free time on the weekends to play their classic music in the subways of NYC.

They play tunes from performers like Bach, Beethoven and have so far raised about $500!

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