You Are Amazing!

The Inspiration Campaign is a non-profit project that puts up positive messages on billboards. Veronica Rae a writer for The Huffington Post came up with the idea of this specific message that she wanted to be shared. She wanted to see a billboard that said "you are amazing!" Luckily she had the right connections and was able to call up her friend who founded the Inspiration Campaign. She told him her idea of this reminder. She didn't want there to be a pitch, or a sale, or product. Just nudge to help herself and other people reconnect with joy.

After a week of fundraising the funds were gathered to have three buses with this inspirational campaign on three buses which would drive around the San Francisco Bay area. Can it really be that easy? Can we change the media and in turn the world through positive and inspirational messages? Can we help align people with their purpose? For the past two and a half years the Inspiration Campaign has put up a total of 34 messages to help empower people! There is no gimmick, there is no underlying profit-scheme. Inspiration Campaign was happy to have a booth at the most recent Wisdom 2.0 conference where they invited people to write their messages on a white board and have their pictures taken with it. One of the photos was voted to be the next billboard!


What would your message be?

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