Woman's Facial Hair Raises Bar For Decembeard

Like budding trees in May, chins and cheekbones sprouted and bloomed for the fist-poundin', back-slappin', rip-roarin' month of Movember. Usually it's the men-folk who take part in the yearly tradition of raising prostate cancer awareness via facial hair. This year, Siobhain Fletcher, 36, of Leek, Staffordshire, joined the boys.

When Fletcher was in her twenties, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormone imbalance that causes her to grow facial hair. As time went on, the hair grew thicker and she tried a variety of ways to get rid of it. They were more trouble than they were worth. Waxing removed more of her skin than the hair beneath it, creams gave her chemical burns, and electrolysis was as painful as it was expensive. Then she decided to forget that mess, and grew a beard.

Fletcher heard about Movember from a friend and in a moment's decision, she made a profile on the UK's Movember website and began raising money, ABC reports. S0 far she's raised over £1,000. "It helps people get checked for prostate and testicular cancer," she said, "and hopefully people will, instead of going to a funeral, be going to a remission party." Fletcher also hopes it will make women less wound up about going out without make up, or bring inspiration to someone with a birthmark mark on face. She says the positive reactions have been overwhelming. She had plans to shave her chin after November, but might consider keeping it on for Decembeard, wherein beards are grown (or worn) to raise awareness of bowel cancer. "I was thinking about restarting in December," she said, “I was going to grow it like the Jack Sparrow beard from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'" Here's to hoping that Fletcher keeps it going.

Simply by growing out the moderate hair on her chin, Fletcher raised money and awareness for men's cancer, and inspiration for those who are shamed by their own faces. Her example sheds light on November and December as months to shed insecurity for the sake of well-being.

Check out our video, "Decembeard Cometh"

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