This Woman Is Spreading Kindness From 30,000 Feet!

With all the recent negative news surrounding some major airlines, we thought we'd bring you some positive news about an airline that is helping to spread kindness on their flights!

Carrie Grace is all about spreading kindness. This Durham, NC Entrepreneur regularly holds Kindness Days - special days meant to spread kindness within her community. She's the owner of Carrie Grace Shop and The Kindness Box (a subscription based company that delivers kindness), and also runs workshops for woman-run businesses, and she's only in her twenties!

"My favorite quote is, "always be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting a battle." It has become my life motto and mantra," says Carrie.

This year Carrie Grace's birthday happened to fall on the same day she was traveling to the west coast... and on top of that, she was traveling alone! She wanted to make her day extra special, so she reached out to Southwest Airlines in advance to plan a birthday she'd never forget.

"I believe that people are good. Yes, we are going to be messy and hard on each other. But at the end of the day I believe that people are good and want goodness for others," she says.

So at her special request, the airline management let her fulfill her dream... to hand out her kindness bags to every passenger on board her flight! Now that was a good flight!There will be more to come on Carrie Grace soon! For now, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our Only Good News Newsletter.

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