Woman Gives $25,000 Winnings To Animals

What would you do if you had to spend $25,000 in one day? What would you buy? Samantha White was faced with this pleasant predicament. She won a TD Bank promotion which gave her $25,000 but with the stipulations that it had to be spent within 24 hours and had to help the community in some way. She knew what she had to do with the money; help animals in need of course. With the help of her 7-year-old daughter she bought over 30,000 pounds of pet food, toys and beds for local shelters. She also covered the adoption fees for several shelter animals. White ended up helping more than just shelter animals. Heather Hayes of Asheville Humane Society in NC said, "There was so much food, we didn't even know where to store it. The kibble won’t go to waste, though. The Asheville Humane Society also distributes pet food to families who need assistance feeding their animals — like a Meals on Wheels for dogs, cats and other critters." What a selfless way to spend some extra cash!

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