Whitney Dinneweth

Whitney Dinneweth was driven to tell stories from an early age. He began drawing comic books and shooting videos on a Hi8 consumer camcorder and editing them using two VCR machines.

In high school he took video and theater classes while reading the biographies of his favorite movie directors and artists. At the same time he decided to write prose for at least two hours a day, considering a future career as a novelist. He bought a used guitar and began collecting other musical instruments. He started to write songs and recorded them on a 4-track Tascam PortaStudio.

He joined SAG and worked out of high school as an actor. Not content being only on one side of the camera, he started looking to take on new challenges. In order to step out of his comfort zone, he moved from Hollywood to San Francisco to become a filmmaker.

His enthusiasm, positive attitude, and sharply-honed work ethic combined with his jack-of-all-trades approach and willingness to push above and beyond what's expected were rewarded. He continues to develop relationships with other artists and clients while learning new techniques and skills every day, driven by the passion that has existed since he first began tinkering with a pen and a camera.

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