Where Are They Now? Teen Rows To Success

In May 2013, we got to know 18-year-old Monique Avin from Brooklyn, New York. In our original video (below) she took us through her journey of rowing as sport. The teen took up rowing to help her succeed academically, physically and mentally. She tells us that the dedication and hard work it takes to row has helped her grow in all other aspects of life. She joined Row New York in her sophomore year of high school. The organization empowers young people by build helping strength, gain confidence, and pursue excellence through the unique sport. In 2013, when we interviewed her the rower was college bound and on her way to great things.

Recently we caught up with Darise from Row New York. She informed us that the organization and Monique were both doing well. Monique relocated to California where she is in college and searching for a new rowing home! Before she left on her next journey, she was coaching and mentoring new rowers at Row New York. The organization itself is doing well and recruiting new rowers. In its 12th year of service, the program now serves 228 students! We are happy everyone is doing well. Keep rowing!

Below is our original video that highlights Monique's journey with Row New York!

Images from Row New York.

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