What Can A Mouse Teach You About Being Kind?

What do a mouse and kindness have in common? This mother and daughter duo!

Natalie, a mother from Boulder, CO., adds kindness to the world by writing anonymous notes of gratitude and encouragement to people around her community. Like mother like daughter, Sophie, at age 7, followed in Natalie's footsteps.

Now, a few years later, Sophie, 12, has written a children's book about a mouse that does random acts of kindness. "The Secret Adventures of Anonymouse" was released on November 4th. Natalie and Sophie hope this mouse doing good deeds will teach others to do the same!

“I'm a philanthropy consultant who works with families and I am alarmed at the downhill spiral of empathy in our kids," explains Natalie. They hope their book will inspire and teach kids about the importance of empathy and kindness.

This mother/daughter team is on a mission to promote kindness and good deeds... with the help of one special mouse!

This video was produced, shot/edited by Greg Grano and Sarah Sellman from American Bear Films.

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