Watch How These Goofy Gobblers Spend Their Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and the turkeys of Millstone Farm are ready to get moving! Although they're not sure where they're going, their hilarious banter is quite the sight to see! Onward, to Thanksgiving!

If you've never been to the farm, be sure to watch the premiere episode and meet all our animal friends!

Life On The Farm doesn't get any more fun than this! Tune in for all the upcoming episodes, only on!

Executive Producers - Rob Hess, Laurence Sheinman

Producer - Andrew "Oz" Osborne

Director of Photography - Daniel Salazar III

Writer - Adam Sheinman

Editor - Andrew "Oz" Osborne

Content Coordinator - Nina Giordano

Special thanks to the folks and animals at Millstone Farm. For more information on sustainable agriculture, click here.

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