Wall Street Billionaire Started Foundation To Help Underpaid Teachers

Jim Simmons is now being known for more than just his brain. The mathematician and cryptographer who broke the codes to explain the world of finance is now helping underpaid teachers.

Simons founded $22 billion Renaissance Technologies has been helping math and science teachers through the organization, Math for America. Simmons and his wife started the organization 20 years ago. He loves the foundation so much , he left Renaissance Technologies to work for the foundation full time.

"We give them extra money, $15,000 a year. We have 800 math and science teachers in New York City in public schools today, as part of a core," said Simons in a rare interview with TED Talks.

"There's a great morale among them," Simons added. "They're staying in the field. Next year, it'll be 1,000 and that'll be 10 percent of the math and science teachers in New York [City] public schools."

Teachers in America are severely underpaid and overworked. Jim is doing something about it!

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