Vincent Lyn

Vincent Lyn has been a movie star, pop music icon, kickboxing champion and one of the hottest male models in the world. But what makes him complete is practicing his family’s Ling Gar style of kung-fu. This young master has overflowing talent, half British, half Chinese, a 10th degree Black Sash and scholar of Chinese Medicine and heir of his family kung-fu style, Ling Gar.

At the same time Lyn maintained his parallel passion by composing “canto-pop” songs for recording artists with Polygram Records, two of which became top ten hits. His first self-titled album “WingSing” was released in 1999 throughout Asia under the label BMG. In the same year, he became a Ph.D. in Martial Arts Sciences making outstanding contributions to the field of Sports Medicine. Lyn was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in two categories, one for Grandmaster of the year and Best Martial Arts Actor of the year. In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame. Since then he has been inducted over ten times into the Hall of Fame. In addition Lyn was the 1983-1984 U.S National Middleweight Kickboxing champion, and 1985 and 1987 World Kickboxing champion.

Since 2003 until the present Lyn has written numerous articles for Budo Magazine and released seven instructional videos with Budo International. They have been released in seven languages and distributed in 54 countries. He has been featured in numerous books and has appeared in over 100 magazine and newspaper articles throughout the world. In April 2007 Vincent was invited to St.Petersburg, Russia as a special guest to participate in the first ever Martial Arts Olympics East-West Open. He gave a dazzling piano peformance and spectacular martial arts demonstration in front of 20,000 spectators for the opening ceremony. In April 2009 Lyn's first book was published titled "The Ling Gar Legacy - Kung Fu in the Real World" with the foreword written by Vincent's dear old friend Yuen Woo Ping. It has had international acclaim and to great reviews. Presently Lyn has collaborated on a comic book titled "Kung Fu Star", The first issue was released in 2010 as a monthly series in Budo Magazine. The story is based on his extraordinary experiences as a Hongkong film star. The first issue is set for International release in late summer of 2010. Lyn continues to run both Pro-Force Security Corp based in NYC which he started in 2003 and Lyn Academy of Martial Arts based in Stamford, CT which he opened in 1996. Lyn is in great demand as an expert in Corporate Security and Threat Assessment along with all areas of Defensive Tactics. He most recently became certified as a Police Instructor and Air Marshall Instructor by the Department of Air Security for the International Confederation of Police & Security Experts.He continues to travel throughout the world giving lectures and seminars in the areas of his expertise. Vincent currently resides in Tribeca, NYC.

Celebrating Birthdays for Hospitalized Kids

** Our first of OGTV's "GOOD STORIES" for the week is about a couple of friends who are making sure that a hospitalized child's birthday gets all the bells and whistles they deserve! **

Kids rarely get to celebrate when they are in the hospital and having a birthday there is not the ideal situation. After seeing her godson spend some time in the hospital, surrounded by kids who were having their birthdays without the laughter and joy that comes with their special day, Stefanie Grimm had an idea. Even if you are hospitalized, there is no reason that you shouldn't have a birthday party! This generous thought was the seed that grew into The Confetti Foundation.

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Live A Better Life - Life Organized With Barbara Reich (Trailer)

Are you frustrated with the effort it takes to keep control over all the "things" in your life? Worry no more! Professional Organizer, Barbara Reich, helps her clients reduce clutter and streamline their lives for greater enjoyment. Watch Barbara and our other "how to" gurus share their tips on cooking, cleaning, and organizing!

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Everyday Heroes Deliver Delight - The Hero In You (S1:E1)

Welcome to The Hero In You – an original series from OnlyGood TV and our Playlist of The Week. It will inspire, touch your heart, and show you that you can be a Hero too! Hosted by Marysol Castro, The Hero In You highlights individuals and organizations that prove that with a little heart and soul, anything is possible. Sometimes a helping hand or a sympathetic ear are the only super powers you'll ever need.

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Series - Beauty Redefined

From Bail Bondsman to Calendar Model - Beauty Redefined (E1)

** OGTV celebrates National Photography Day with a story about a bail bondsman / dudeoir who became a surprising calendar model sensation thanks to the creative vision of his photographer. **

Joshua Varozza is a bail bondsman by day and a male model by night, but not the typical male model. Joshua is a dudeoir (dude + boudoir) model; basically he mimics sexy poses in his underwear.

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This Veteran Is Spreading Patriotism Through American Flag Art

** OGTV celebrates our heroes on Flag Day with this story about a business, owned and staffed by veterans, who express their patriotism, and heal, through the art they create. **

In October 2015, Brian Steorts created Flags of Valor, a veteran owned and operated business that creates wooden American flag artwork. Having all served in combat, Brian and his team (many of which were injured in combat although Brian had a non combat injury) are creating these flags with a different perspective on what it means to be American.

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Finding The Hero In You - Trailer

The Hero In You, an OGTV original series hosted by Marysol Castro, highlights individuals and organizations that prove that with a little heart and soul, anything is possible. Watch and discover the many heroes all around us at:

Welcome to! - It's a Positivity Movement.

We at OnlyGood TV believe that positivity will change lives for the better. We strive to be the hopeful voice that recognizes people are good & out there doing good things for their communities and society at large. We tell the stories of the individuals and organizations that inspire and motivate us, and fuel the Positivity Movement.

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Tim Tebow's Night To Shine

** OGTV is celebrating National DJ Month with this story about an aspiring young DJ who took to the dance floor to make a his first high school prom a "night to shine". **

A Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older. Collaborating with STAR, Inc., Lighting the Way, a Night to Shine which is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is held at the spectacular Grace Community Church in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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Metro The Painting Racehorse

** OGTV's final GOOD STORY of the week is about a thoroughbred racehorse who was rescued after a knee injury and has since taken up a new occupation - painting! **

Many animals are very smart. Like the dog who opens doors, or a monkey who can play chess... But one very special horse has captivated our attention for his unbelievable talent.

After retiring from being a racehorse, Metro seemed to be nearing the end of his life. Born with a knee a problem that was the cause of his career's end, he could have been put to sleep. Luckily, Ron Krajewski, an artist from Gettysburg, PA, and his wife, Wendy, adopted him.

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