Vikings' Kicker Loses Playoff Game, Empathetic First Graders Send Letters Of Support

The playoff game is one of the most important of football season. Last Sunday, the Minnessota Vikings were on their way to winning the playoff game. With seconds remaining, kicker Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard field goal to win the game. Some fans screamed, some fans were angry but not the ones at Northpoint Elementary school. Some very special first graders are spreading their lessons on empathy to the down-and-out kicker.

First grade teacher, Sarah Myhre, saw this as a good time for a lesson. She witnessed her students coming in, expressing what they heard from their parents like 'He should be fired.' Instead of expressing anger, she had her students write him letters of empathy. It is so beautiful to see the heartwarming words of hope these first graders have for the player. I guess it really is true, we have so much to learn from children.


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