One-Armed Sharpshooter Won't Miss His Shot

** OGTV's second MILITARY MATTERS playlist of the week story features a soldier who may have lost an arm in battle, but it did not diminish his desire to serve his country and live a full life. **

It happened in seconds. Izzy Ezagui, a Special Forces soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), was quietly preparing in his tent for his next mission, when suddenly, a mortar hit and exploded right next to him. He lost his left arm on the spot.

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Soldier’s Memory Lives On Through The Kick Of A Soccer Ball

** OGTV's first MILITARY MATTERS playlist story of the week is about how a family is coping with the loss of their son in the Iraq war in a way that pays a tribute to his spirit while helping others in far off lands. **

Sitting in the town center of Wilton, Connecticut, there is a collection basket filled with soccer balls. Thanks to Army PFC Nick Madaras' love of children and soccer, these soccer balls will make a very unique journey around the world to reach the hands of children of Afghanistan, Bhutan, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries.

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Honoring Service People Around The World - Military Matters (Trailer)

OGTV has a long tradition of sharing the lives of our brave service men and women - their heroic achievements, their physical and mental challenges, and their inspirational strength in the face of adversity. We invite you to watch all of their stories during our MILITARY MATTERS Playlist Week here!

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This Community Comes Together In A Beautiful Way To Honor Fallen Soldiers

As the Fourth of July approaches, people across America are already celebrating by lighting small fireworks and commemorating all of the soldiers that served or gave their lives to keep this country both safe and free.

Every two years Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield, Connecticut displays thousands of flags in honor and remembrance of the American men and women who've fallen in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The site is truly amazing!

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Veterans Use Relaxation To Heal PTSD

** OGTV recognizes PTSD Awareness Day with this story about how a team of trauma relief trainers are teaching Vets, disaster victims and others techniques for dealing with day to day stress so they can lead more peaceful lives. **

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, can be extremely difficult for anyone who has dealt with a serious trauma; more specifically for veterans. Project Welcome Home Troops began in 2006 when several trauma relief trainers from the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) volunteered to give a presentation on stress relief to veterans in Orange County, California.

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This Program Keeps Military Families Close Together Through Reading

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY of the week celebrates the simple joy of reading. Enjoy this video about how a special organization is making it possible for service members to read to their kids even when far from home. **

United Through Reading is a non-profit that offers active duty military service members the opportunity to pre-record themselves reading books to their children at home. The program's mission is to keep the connection between parents and children strong, all while encouraging literacy and making homecomings easier.

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This Veteran Is Spreading Patriotism Through American Flag Art

** OGTV celebrates our heroes on Flag Day with this story about a business, owned and staffed by veterans, who express their patriotism, and heal, through the art they create. **

In October 2015, Brian Steorts created Flags of Valor, a veteran owned and operated business that creates wooden American flag artwork. Having all served in combat, Brian and his team (many of which were injured in combat although Brian had a non combat injury) are creating these flags with a different perspective on what it means to be American.

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Gold Star Moms Share The True Meaning of Memorial Day

What is the REAL meaning of Memorial Day? Every year at the end of May we get a long weekend, spend time with friends and family, have BBQ's and take boat rides, but forget so often what this day is REALLY for.

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