The Petco Foundation Honors Lifesaving Animal Welfare Heroes

You don't have to fight dragons, protect princess', and defeat aliens to be a hero. By definition a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and Shannon Wells of the Kansas City Pet Project is all the above! Shannon does a little bit of everything for Kansas City Pet Project (which has saved nearly 45,000 animals since they took over the shelter in 2012) but most importantly she started their shelter's Parvo ward.

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A True Heroux: This Man Loves What He Does

In May of 2016 Aaron Heroux received the best news of his life. Heroux was forced to leave his job behind as a local law enforcer for Clinton County, New York Sheriff's Department after being told that his Cystic Fibrosis would prevent him from returning to work following his double lung transplant in 2014. "CF" is a genetic disease that limits lung capacity and results in a build up of mucus in various organs making it difficult to perform daily tasks let along the rigorous tasks that officers have to complete. The double lung transplant procedure may have saved his life but it didn't save his ability to work, or so he thought.

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Fighting For the Right to Fight

What's it takes to be a champion? Garret Holeve, also goes by G Money, would tell you "its about skill and training helps you get where you need to go."

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Double Leg Amputee Veteran Stands Tall in the Face of Adversity

31-year-old former Corporal in the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment, Ben Stoten lost both of his legs after stepping on an explosive during his last tour in Afghanistan. In the blink of an eye, he believed he lost everything and his life was over. Little did the active veteran know, his worries would soon be gone once he decided he wouldn't let them stop him from doing what made him happy.

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