Young Woman's Recyclables Fund Life Changing Surgeries

Sonali Ranaweera was a young girl when her parents gave her $100 and told her, "Use it to make a difference." At this time, she was learning about the economics of recycling in her school science class in San Jose, California and the pieces of an idea began to fall into place. Sonali decided to use her $100 to launch Recycling4Smiles, a recycling-focused charity organization that would allocate the money collected for bottles and cans to a worthy cause.

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Kindness And Free Food Are On Display In This Urban Gardening Project

"Our currency is kindness," said Mary Clear, the chairperson of Incredible Edible, an urban gardening project centered in West Yorkshire, England.

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At A Boston School Set For Demolition, Workers Find A Century-Old Slice Of History

Sometimes, the past feels impossibly strange and distant from our technology-powered lives. Other times, we find a time capsule from the 1800s in a school that connects us immediately to the people who inhabited the world before us. How cool is that?!

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Texas Town Rallies To Save Beautiful 100-Year-Old Tree

The Ghirardi Compton Oak tree has been growing in League City, Texas for more than 100 years, longer than anyone in the town could remember. Then, a new road project threatened the massive, stately oak. Would the town cut down this landmark of their community?

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Walking Tall After 36 Surgeries, This 20-Year-Old Is Epitome Of Perseverance

At age 20, Jerren Harrison is finally standing on his own. He's nearly 6 feet tall, which isn't terribly unusual, unless you consider the fact that every inch that Jerren has grown for the last 18 years of his life has come with enormous effort and assistance.

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How A Grandson's Doodles Help His Grandmother Live A Full Life

Encarna Alés is a 74-year-old grandmother who loves to talk with her friends and family on the phone. To look up the phone numbers to dial, though, Encarna turns to an unusual address book: in place of written names, Encarna's book is filled with detailed and specific doodles to accompany the 10-digit numbers. Which helps, because Encarna never learned to read or write.

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This 96-Year-Old Accepted An Honorary Degree, After 87 Years Of Scouts Service

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Cedar Crest College's School of Adult and Graduate Education, the school awarded a very special honorary degree to a very special adult.

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This 11-Year-Old Turned Her Bullies' Taunts Into A Best-Selling T-Shirt

When Kheris Rogers was a pre-teen, she told her older sister that she wanted to stay in the bath longer, in the hopes that her skin would get lighter. That's when her sister, Taylor Pollard, knew that she needed to focus on cultivating Kheris' sense of self-worth and beauty.

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