This Angel Helps Immigrant Field Workers Live A Better Life!

** In celebration of Labor Day, OGTV is sharing this heartwarming story about a husband and wife duo who are doing all they can to make life easier for California field workers after their homes were destroyed by a fire. **

"What I want to say to everybody is, study your own roots," says Judy Lucas of California. "See how many generations you have to go back to find immigrants. Just treat people like you hope your immigrant family was treated."

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What is the World Record for Most Pizza Boxes? - Not Your Average Joe

** To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, OGTV is sharing this story about a guy who not only loves pizza, but has made a hobby of collecting pizza boxes... big and small....and enormous! **

Everyone could use a few more smiles in their daily lives…and watching a funny video will often do the trick! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life fun, more manageable, happy and stress free!

There are people who love pizza, and then there's Scott Wiener. In this episode of our "man on the street" series, Not Your Average Joe, comedian Joe Leonardo meets Scott Wiener, a pizza fanatic. Not only does he hold the Guinness World Record for "Most Pizza Boxes", he also owns Scott's Pizza Tours, a company based in New York City which educates tourists on the history of pizza. Guess what Joe and Scott will be having for lunch!

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Mother Gives Back by Sleeping on the Street

** It's Global Sleep Under The Stars Night and OGTV commemorates this night with a story about a courageous woman who spent the night in the alley where she once slept when she was homeless so that others won't have to. **

"That was my lowest point, right there." This is how Vivian Greaves characterizes the experience of losing custody of her daughter.

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Sandy Hook Mom Chooses Love Over Anger

** OGTV recognizes Global Forgiveness Day with this story of how a parent is striving to overcome the worst nightmare possible - the death of their child. **

How can you fill the space left by a person who is stolen from your life? It can seem an impossible task.

For Scarlett Lewis, "impossible" didn't even begin to cover it. Scarlett's son Jesse Lewis was murdered in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, when he was just six years old. At first, Scarlett says, she was plagued by two questions:
How could something like this have happened? and What can I do to personally make sure that it doesn't happen again?

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A Medical Miracle Gives New Life To This Amazing Bionic Dog!

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY of the week is about a puppy who got off to a rough start, but with lots of love and some special care is now living a great life. Meet Naki'o, the Amazing Bionic Dog! **

Soon after Naki'o and his littermates were born, the puppies were left in a foreclosed home during a Nebraska winter. Against all odds, Naki'o survived. He was the only pup found alive, but he was in bad shape. Suffering from severe frostbite, Naki'o ultimately lost his paws on all four legs... but don't worry, this is just the beginning of an incredibly inspiring story!

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Ziggy The Pig Is A One Of A Kind, Unique Pet

** OGTV celebrates Pet Appreciation Week with this story about an adventurous couple who bought a motorhome and now travel around living the mobile life with their pet - a 250 pound adult pig! **

"Living with a pig is crazy," says Jay Yontz. Jay and his girlfriend Kristin Hartness are pet-parents to a friendly pig named Ziggy—and there are plenty of crazy things about this little family's story!

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Autistic Adults Thrive At Florida Car Wash

** OGTV's final GOOD STORY of the week is about this inspiring Florida Car Wash that hires autistic adults and gives them a chance to have a meaningful job and a feeling of success and independence. **

Lots of entrepreneurs build businesses around their personal skill sets. The D'Eri family decided to build their company around a very specific type of talent and ability: those possessed by people on the Autism spectrum, including Andrew D'Eri, one of the family's two sons.

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Turning Negative Thoughts Into Positive Affirmations

** As part of National Mental Health Awareness Month, OGTV offers this video with tips on how to flip your negative thoughts into positive ones and affirm your ability to make this change when you need to. **

The phrase "turning around" can mean many different things. And when Abbe Dembowitz decided to launch a project inspired by her lifelong struggle with self-esteem issues, she wanted to tap into multiple meaning of the phrase. So she named it the Turn It Around Project.

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