Random Acts Of Flowers Deliver Recycled Flowers To Deserving People

OGTV's second GOOD STORY of the week is about a man who performs acts of generosity that are blooming with color and kindness.

In July 2007, Random Acts of Flowers' founder, Larsen Jay, was in a near-fatal accident. While recovering in the hospital, he received love, support and... flowers! They raised his spirits and added a positive boost to his recovery.

After a week in his hospital bed, Larsen started getting antsy. When he was able to get up and around a bit, he noticed how many other patients did not receive flowers. Since his room was now overflowing with arrangements, he decided to turn his flowers into several bouquets and gave them out around the hospital. Within moments the first "random act of flowers" delivery was made.

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A Day In The Life of a Photogenic Guinea Pig: Fuzzberta

** OGTV's first GOOD STORY for the week features an adorable guinea pig who is gaining fame as a calendar model! **

We have seen our share of interesting animals. Whether it's a painting donkey, a cat that sings, or an owl that dances, we thought we've seen it all. That was until we met Fuzzberta.

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Paul Newman's Safe Water Network Is Saving Lives

** OGTV recognizes National Water Quality Month with this story about a celebrity and philanthropist who put his name and energy behind an ongoing effort to provide clean water to distressed communities around the world. **

Do you know how many children suffer every day from water-borne diseases?

1,400 children. Every day.

Today, we honor a well-known figure who committed the later part of his life to reducing that number by providing children around the world with access to safe water. Of course, we're talking about Paul Newman!

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Share Your Dreams, Get A Sweet Refreshing Reward!

** This is National Ice Cream Month and OGTV is celebrating an innovator who drives an ice cream truck that delivers much more than just a frozen treats to those who gather around him. **

Are you a dreamer? Do you have goals you've always wanted to go after, but aren't sure how? Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad is the owner and founder of Ice Cream For A Dream, a business operating a dream machine on wheels!

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Miniature Horses Are New Type Of Therapy Animal

** To celebrate National I Love Horses Day, OGTV shares this story about a rare type of therapy animal that brings love and comfort directly to the bedside of those in need. **

We have all heard of therapy animals such as dogs or bunnies; but what about horses? This new kind of therapy animal brings magic to whoever it visits. Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.

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World's Friendliest Restaurant Holds Hug-A-Thon For Charity

** OGTV celebrates National Hug Day with this story about an Albuquerque restaurant, Tim's Place, that thrives on hugs and is the proud home of an annual charity Hug-A-Thon! **

Sometimes all you need is a hug. No one understands this better than Tim Harris, owner of the "world's friendliest restaurant", Tim's Place. Tim, who was born with Down syndrome, loves nothing more than doling out hugs by the hundreds and his birthday coincidentally falls on National Hug Day.

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Adopted Daughter Inspires Mom’s Clean Water Campaign

** OGTV recognizes National Hydration Day with this story about a woman who was inspired by her adopted daughter to write a children's book about water across the world to raise awareness of the importance of providing safe drinking water to people everywhere. **

In 2008 Christine traveled to Ethiopia to adopt a little girl. When they arrived home, she found her new daughter drinking water from a puddle in their driveway. This raised a huge flag for Christine, realizing water used to be such a rarity to her.

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The Cycling Studio Flash Mob Proposal That Went Viral!

** OGTV's third video from this week's LGBTQ Pride playlist is the premier episode from our Joy Story series, where a cycling class flash mob is the backdrop of a dramatic marriage proposal between two instructors. **

Watch the epic flash mob proposal that took the world by storm!

It was love at first playlist! Adam Keller, a JoyRide cycling instructor, took this Valentine's day to create the wedding proposal to end all proposals! Adam planned this top-secret, expertly choreographed, flashmob cycling class proposal, asking his boyfriend, Jared Marinelli, also a Joyride Instructor, the magic question... WILL YOU MARRY ME?!

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