Trick or Treat! Top 5 Treats This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! You know what that's time to get ready for some trick or treats! We've helped you out by finding these 5 treats that are guaranteed to "spooky-up" your Halloween!

1) Jack Halloween Pumpkin Lantern
$165.00 from The Fowndry

Show your trick or treaters who's the pumpkin king with this impressively large (42cm high!) and waterproof LED powered Halloween pumpkin, that can be used indoors and outdoors! The traditional Jack O' Lantern would make an awesome prop for Halloween. The curved stalk can be used to hang from a branch, and unlike the organic variety, it'll happily blaze away 24/7. Save hours of chiselling away – switch on your pumpkin and watch it glow! Ooooo…

2) Melting Zombie Head Candle
$14.00 from The Fowndry

This would make the perfect prop for any Halloween party or to spook those trick or treaters! This revoltingly oozy melting zombie head candle burns for up to 16 hours. Just light the wick and watch the rotting braincase slowly dissolve into liquefied brain matter! This candle would also make a great gift for those horror fans, or post-apocalyptic plague survivors who like to take their work home.

3) Plush Zombie Slippers
$30.00 from The Fowndry

Gory? Abit. Cosy? Absolutely! These zombie slippers are a super way to keep your feet lovely and warm – they will happily nom on your leg stumps until you're ready to face the day. And with one size fitting most adults you'll be sure to get ludicrously attached to your undead heads in no time. It would also make the perfect gift for those horror fans!

4) Pumpkin Candle
$19.00 from The Fowndry

Put the light into fright night with this spooktactular Pumpkin Candle. This high quality hand-crafted candle has an impressive burning time of 40 hours! This will be long enough to chase away evil spirits.. It comes in an 'Orrible Orange or a 'Gruesome Green.

5) Skull Candle
$37.00 from The Fowndry

This unique geometric design, weighing over a kilo would make a brilliant table decoration or perfect party prop! With its 70 hour burning time, you will have plenty of time to show this high quality, hand-crafted candle off! Available in black and gold.

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