Traveling Piano Man Finds The Key To Life!

A piano is all it took to open Dotan's eyes to a life of inspiration! Six years ago, Dotan Negrin quit his steady and stable 9-5 day job to travel around the world with his piano.

Dotan believes we all are given one chance at life and instead of taking the safe road, we should all use of gifts and talents to do something exceptional. He needed a change, he needed something more... and more is what he got!

On this journey of a lifetime he visited more than 300 cities, 18 countries, covering 50,000+ miles. Back in New York, Dotan has kept his creativity alive; playing all around the city in public spots to help spread inspiration and music.

To see more of Dotan's experiences, check out his YouTube channel or Facebook page.

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Varya Rootwood.

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