Top 4 Wellness Role Models On The Web

Being healthy and fit is an important part of every day life, however, it is so much more enjoyable and fun when you have inspiring people to help you along the way!

Here are some hidden gems to help you stay happy and healthy!

1) Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up

These lovely ladies are the epitome of a healthy balanced lifestyle. They started the Tone It Up  blog to create a support system for women who want to get healthy and fit and now they have that and so much more!  They have a nutrition plan, their own brand of protein, workout DVDs and a clothing line!  Their free online workout videos are proof not only of their character but also of their hard work and dedication to giving women the best workout possible! Check out their latest blog post here to help you balance your fitness goals.

2) Cassey Ho and Blogilates

Cassey Ho isn't afraid to speak her mind as shown by her latest blog post regarding the importance of a healthy body image. I was able to meet Cassey over a year ago and attend one of her classes. Besides her current health and fitness guidelines including her meal plans, workout videos, and recipes, Cassey also has an inspiring story of her own. Cassey became seriously interested in fitness and health after she mustered the courage to leave an unhealthy work environment and a career that made her unhappy. You can learn more about Cassey and her story by checking out her blog here!

3) Taralynn Mcnitt

Taralynn Mcnitt is a twenty-something year old single gal living in Charlotte, NC. Tarylynn has had a long struggle with weight loss and suffered from an eating disorder.  However, she came out on top and is now a successful blogger, freelance writer and traveler! Her blog is filed with inspiring and original posts ranging from her finds at farmers markets to her new Liveashore clothing line! This girl is a breath of fresh air and is sure to make your day! Her blog!

4) Sarah Dussault - Sarah Fit

Sarah Fit is a great resource especially for college girls trying to keep off the Freshman 15 and the Sophmore 25 and so on off.  Sarah shares her successes as well as challenges making her extremely relatable.  Her workout videos have had over 120 million views. Her new book Sarah Fit: Get Skinny Again!: The Right Exercises to Get Back Your Dream Body and the Secrets to Living a Fit Life comes out in December. Want more click here!

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