Top 10 Ways To Make You Happier In 2015

Each year we set the best of intentions and make resolutions we hope to keep. But as the year unfolds that can be easier said than done. A recent study by Stop Procrastinating involved 3000 people and found the 10 best ways to make yourself happier this year. Below are the results of the study. I personally agree with each of these and plan to incorporate them into my daily life. Do you have any others to add to the list?

  1. A meaningful relationship and/or to change partners. Some people are still looking for that significant other half. Others want a more meaningful relationship and the one way to get it is to exchange their current relationship with another one.
  2. More sleep. The US is suffering from a sleep deprivation epidemic. Grumpiness, road rage, depression and illness are all caused and fueled by a lack of sleep. Addiction to watching TV too late or browsing the internet, and our long work culture, is keeping people up and out of bed.
  3. Less war, more people. 2014 was the year the world was at war. People want a year of less war and more peace.
  4. Reduce debts. Borrowing is spiraling out of control. Happiness in 2015 will be linked to more of your hard earned wages staying in your bank account and not being used to pay the credit card or loan.
  5. More quality time with books. People feel they are wanting an immersive 2015 where they get lost for hours in a book rather than a few seconds on a post or tweet.
  6. More real friends, not virtual friends. It seems that 2015 is a year when people what things to be a little more real and grounded. It’s one thing having lots of Facebook friends, but meaningful relationships are those which are continued into the real world. People want more of that in 2015.
  7. Change jobs, really. With economic factors improving and a healthier job market than it has been in a long while, people are actually looking to take the next step on the career ladder.
  8. Cook real food.  The combination of the health benefits and taste of home cooked food will make people happier in 2015, or so they claim in our survey.
  9. Laugh more. Laughter is the way to happiness. This isn’t just watching a comedy or a stand up comedian, this is also taking a less stressed and earnest approach to life.
  10. Just move. Somewhere, anywhere. People are sick of being couch potatoes. 2015 will be the year of moving lifestyles rather than sedentary lifestyles. Run or just take a walk around the neighborhood... moving will be big this year.

H/T Stop Procrastinating


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