Top 10 Reasons To Be Happy (or Sad) The Election is Over . . .

  1. Facebook can once again get down to its raison d’etre:  Stalking your friends

  2. Ditto Twitter!

  3. Wearing red or blue is no longer dangerous

  4. President can get back to being leader of the free world

  5. No more political ads!

  6. Cocktail party talk turns to less explosive topics

  7. Donald Trump can go back to being Mr. Celebrity Apprentice

  8. No more stress that Ann and Michelle are going to show up in the same color:  Hot pink anyone?

  9. No more missed episodes of Parenthood

  10. On a serious note:  The country can go back to working together towards a common goal, instead of being divided in favor of one candidate or the other.  And ...

    10.a. The end of another election is Proof Positive once again that democracy works!  A successful election where the nation elected a president in a free society is something to celebrate.


Top 10 Reasons We’re Sad The Election Is Over:

  1. We have to put away our patriotic garb until the 4th of July

  2. No more emails from Beyoncé

  3. No more phone calls from The President

  4. The end of Zogby Polls on David Letterman

  5. Jason Sudeikis won’t be appearing as Mitt on SNL anytime soon

  6. Significantly less chance of Eva Longoria re-tweeting us

  7. Living in Ohio no longer makes you special

  8. No more Debate Drinking Games!

  9. Significantly less likely to run into The President at a pizza parlor

  10. Conversations likely to turn back to Honey Booboo instead of spirited debates about the economy and social issues.  Sigh.

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