Top 10 Chick Flicks for Guys

Chick flicks. It’s a broad term for any movie girls are going to like. There are two problems with the term that I’m going to address.

First, the vagueness of it. What is it? For our purposes and the standard I have always lived by; a chick flick is any movie with romance but not too much action. Like Shaun of the Dead has an element of romance to it but it mostly has zombies and people getting their insides taken out.

The second problem is it’s kind of sexist. This is the 21st century. Boys are getting manicures and girls are playing football on TV. It is lingerie football but still progress. So these movies can’t all just be for girls right? Sure most of them are. That’s fair. I got dragged into Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. Longest 86 minutes of my life. Some of these movies a man can enjoy though. Here’s my top 10.  Have a "HooplaHa" moment with your lady friend.

  1. Casablanca - Why can’t we wear hats anymore? I’d look so good in a hat. Humphrey Bogart dresses well, smokes, drinks and says cold blooded things to people. Bogart is the epitome of detached coolness that every man wishes he could be.  Instead of the daiquiri drinking, emoticon texting lady boys we’ve become.
  2. The Purple Rose of Cairo -   I love Woody Allen. Jeff Daniels was in Speed and dresses like a safari guide in this.
  3. When Harry Met Sally – This is really funny. And I go to Katz’s, the deli in the movie, all the time. I like the pickles. It takes Harry and Sally 12 years before they finally end up together. Giving me hope that I’ll end up with my prom date despite not speaking in 10 years. Mary, baby, I miss you. If you read this call me. Actually text me. I’ve got new emoticons I want to use.
  4. Kate and Leopold – Time Travel and Hugh Jackman. Where is the chick flick part of, oh, Meg Ryan. Right. This is my guiltiest pleasure. Look out for the scene where Hugh Jackman sells butter.
  5. Moonstruck – The "I lost my hand" speech is the most manly speech in movie history. It stirs me up. Life can be unfair. Why not be unfair right back? The passion in this explodes off the screen and all over your face. We’re going to need some towels over here.
  6. Wall E – I cried when I saw this. Maybe 10 times. How’s that for masculine? You’ll cry too. Don’t fight it. Share a close moment with someone you love.
  7. High Fidelity – There had to be a John Cusack movie on here. He’s a record store owner and there is lots of good music. And you can hate Jack Black but he’s great in this. His Cosby Sweater line is one of my favorite put downs I’ve ever seen in a movie.
  8. 10 Things I Hate about You – It’s a modernization of the Taming Of the Shrew. You don’t have to trust me but would The Bard steer you wrong? Oh and Larisa Oleynik is in this. What’s the Secret of Alex Mack? She’s hot now. She’s hot. The rest of the cast is great too. Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Larry Miller. And the guy from Numbers. You know the really Jewish one. No, not Rob Morrow. The other really Jewish one. David Krumoltz.
  9. Science of Sleep. This is for the hipsters and cool kids. Michael Gondry presents lots of interesting imagery in everything he does. He’s a genius in his inventiveness. It’s weird and mesmerizing. The main character thinks of ideas for calendars as a job. Maybe the easiest job I’ve ever heard of. Oh we don’t have anything for October? A kitten peeking out of a pumpkin. July? Same kitten holding a sparkler.  Internet blogger by comparison is basically a railroad worker or Ice Road Trucker or something. Anyway. Good movie.
  10. Jerry Maguire. Football! Grr! It goes last. So it completes this list.  It’s tough because there is a corny kid and a divorced woman man hating group. And so much romance. There is football though. A lot of it. Touchdowns are scored and the NFL draft is covered. How did they fit this all in a single movie? They made it two hours and twenty minutes long! You might need an intermission. Order some pizza. It’s better than popcorn anyway. And the tomato sauce has lycopene. So it’s basically health food.

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