This Story Proves Elephants Are The Most Compassionate, Loving Animals

I have always loved elephants. Honestly, the only reason I ever had is because they are adorable. I knew there was something very special about them though. This video has made my heart grow ten sizes.

Daphne Sheldrick has saved hundreds of orphaned elephants in her lifetime. She realizes the care, love and affection they need once they have lost their mother. Unfortunately, poachers are a serious threat to elephants. If a baby has lost their mother, Daphne becomes one.

Sheldrick is the one who perfected the formula that mimics elephant milk which proved to be crucial for these babies orphaned by poachers. She has given her life to raising and caring for these orphaned babies. In this video you will learn that elephants have the strongest sense of family and are some of the most loving and compassionate animals alive.

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