This NJ Quilting Group Gave 700+ Blankets Away To People In Need This Winter

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many people honor the legacy of the civil rights leader and reverend with a day spent in service to others. That's what inspired Rose Phalon, on MLK Day 2017, to gather 11 family members in her house, to sew quilts intended to be given away to people in need.

Following that first sewing day, Rose decided to expand the quilt-making effort, which she called Quilting For A Cause. The group grew to include dozens of volunteers throughout 2017. By the end of the year, Quilting For A Cause had produced more than 700 blankets.

Rose and her group took their initiative one step father during this past MLK Day Weekend. During a 24-hour "sew-a-thon," volunteers came together from all over North New Jersey to produce quilts for people who can't afford their own.

Quilts created by the group have been shipped to local shelters in NJ, but also to hurricane victims in Texas and even to and people in need in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic! And some are even delivered by hand: Rose's husband Joe frequently takes quilts into Manhattan, where he passes them out to folks in need whom he encounters on the street during his walk from Penn Station to work.

Of her growing initiative, Rose says: "Outside of getting married and having children, I have never done anything that has made me feel better."

Anyone wishing to donate fabric or to volunteer with Quilting For A Cause can contact Rose Phalon at 973-534-7936 or

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