Littlest Warrior - A Baby With Special Needs Inspires A Special Clothing Line

Eric and Michelle Sullivan found out at the 20-week ultrasound that their baby had many of the signs of Down Syndrome. A few weeks later the blood test confirmed it.

Despite several serious medical issues, their son Eli pulled through and began growing and putting on weight. Michelle, a photographer with a creative streak, started looking around for fun and inspiring clothes for him, including those with awareness messages but didn't find a style she liked. This was the seed that led her to create "Littlest Warrior Apparel."

As Eli grew and became more social, Michelle noticed how attentive she needed to be in order to fight for Eli to be included in activities with other kids. She quickly became an advocate for parents with special needs kids and realized that she could leverage the influence of her company to help all kinds of families with kids with all different abilities

"In the beginning, when I started Littlest Warrior, I knew I wanted to be giving back in some sort of way". says Michele. Starting from this core idea, Michele established a company policy that donates 10% of their profits each month to a family in need or a supporting foundation. A family with a special needs kid has higher than average expenses and she hopes that a donation from Littlest Warrior Apparel will make a difference in their lives.

Her wish that every kid with special needs is not just loved and but also included is embodied in the company tagline – "Spreading joy, awareness, and inclusion." Through her love and generosity, this wish is coming true not only for the families she supports but for her own family as well.

Eric and Michelle are also growing and thriving as parents of their special boy. "Eli, he's the cutest kid in the world." Eric says. "He is the light of our life and a joy to be around. We can't imagine life without him."

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