Things You Didn't Know About The American Idols

Kris Allen married his best friend from middle school.

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Kelly Clarkson adopts many rescue animals including dogs, goats, pigs, and donkeys. She told People she rescues them "because there's so many animals that get left behind, nowhere to go." Some of the animals she's rescued came home with her blind and deaf (but lovable all the same). She's also trained to sell vacuum cleaners.


Before she won the third season of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino was living on food stamps and government checks. She made it to the first audition on fifty borrowed dollars. After she won, she played Celie in The Color Purple, released two albums and published a memoir, Life Is Not a Fairy Tale.

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Carrie Underwood was a junior in college when she auditioned for Idol. After the show was done, she returned to school and graduated with a degree in mass communications.

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Having a rough boyhood (divorced parents, gray hair at 14) Taylor Hicks drew inspiration from Ray Charles. During the Spring his allergies were so severe when he was little, he had to stay inside while his friends played outside. "I escaped," he told Celebrity Scribe, "by listening to Ray Charles...His voice touched a raw nerve in me. Whenever I find the going a little rough, I think about how hard life must have been for Ray – this brilliant, blind, black man trying to find his way in an extremely racist world."

Growing up, David Cook started a Ninja-Turtles club where they would charge 25 cents for bully protection. They made 25 cents.


Lee DeWyze released two albums before winning Idol. In 2007 he released So I'm Told, and in 2010, Slumberland. Both albums were released on his independent record label, WuLi Records. 

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Clay Aiken taught special ed before a co-worker convinced him to audition for Idol. He is the co-founder for The National Inclusion Project, a non-profit that works to make the inclusion of disabled individuals a reality. Check out our video about the project here:

Cancer Survivor Gives Back With Her Inspiring Voice - Caly On The Good (E1)

"I was so insecure about my body. I was a skinny, scrawny girl with a bald head and dark bags under my eyes."

At 15, this was the hole that Caly Bevier found herself in. The Chemo treatments for her ovarian cancer took away her energy, mobility, and appetite. But despite the fear from a diagnosis that gave her only a 67% chance of survival, her fighting spirit propelled her forward. She faced down the weeks of Chemo until her cancer was in remission and vowed to get her life back.

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Dentist Crowns Career With Love For Lifelong Talent

Dr. Stephen Lipman, head of a successful dental practice, has an alter ego. Steve Lipman, The Singin' Dentist, is the moniker of the accomplished jazz singer into whose shoes Dr. Lipman steps when he goes onstage to perform.

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Young Girl Starts Charity to Help Kids By Coloring Outside the Lines

We'd like to introduce you to the cutest business girl, ever. Entrepreneur, designer and artist Bethany Sawyer started The Giving Goose when she was just 5 years old.

The Giving Goose is a clothing line whose products feature Bethany's artwork and allows children to color in and decorate their shirts. In recovery from atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT), Bethany wanted to do something for other kids with cancer.10% of all proceeds go to benefiting charities fulfilling Bethany's goal to showcase children's drawings while helping others.

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Family Hardship Creates LOLA Granola

Like many Americans, Mary and Ernie Molina experienced a time of financial crisis with the down turn of the economy. They lost their family owned retail cell phone store and were forced to rely on the generosity of relatives to cover monthly expenses.

When the family could no longer afford toilet paper, the Molina's knew something had to be done. Finally, Ernie was offered a sales position selling coins for commission only. In an effort to save money, Mary started making her own granola bars for Ernie to take to work as a snack. Occasionally, Ernie would offer one of Mary's granola bars to his coworkers. When the requests from the office began increasing every week, Mary and Ernie knew they were on to something.

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How To Hug A Soldier In 3 Steps - Better Your Day With Joe and Jesse

Everyone could use a few more smiles in their daily lives…and watching a funny video will often do the trick! OnlyGood TV videos help make your life fun, more manageable, happy and stress free!

Would you like to make a soldier smile? In this episode of "Better Your Day", Joe and Jesse take you through the 3 easy steps to give the best hug. The annual Hug A GI Day is March 4th so make sure you try out these tips on your special soldier! Happy hugging!

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Veterinarian is a Modern Day Dr. Dolittle - Dr. Amy Jo's Wild Life (Part 1)

This is the story of a modern day Dr. Doolittle with her own personal wildlife sanctuary, a local veterinarian who's life is dedicated to caring for unusual and extraordinary animals. These animals have become more than her patients or pets, they have become her family!

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Caly Captivates The Crowd Singing At Midfield (Caly on the Good E5)

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stand in front of thousands of people in a large stadium and sing our national anthem? Get ready because Caly Bevier is going to live out this fantasy right before your eyes!

On this episode of "Caly on the Good", the singer and ovarian cancer survivor shares her feelings about being asked to perform the National Anthem at LA's StubHub Center before the US Women's National Soccer team takes on the National Chilean Soccer team.

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This Program Keeps Military Families Close Together Through Reading

** Read Across America Day celebrates the simple joy of reading. Enjoy this story of how a special organization is making it possible for service members to read to their kids even when far from home. **

United Through Reading is a non-profit that offers active duty military service members the opportunity to pre-record themselves reading books to their children at home. The program's mission is to keep the connection between parents and children strong, all while encouraging literacy and making homecomings easier.

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