Things We're Thankful For: Veterans Getting A New Kind Of Training—In Confidence

"You lose your roots every time that you move, and you start losing your sense of confidence," says Ximena Rozo, a former military spouse and an alum of the Dog Tag Inc. fellowship program. "The fellowship gave me the path to feel confidence."

In this time of giving thanks, we want to celebrate Dog Tag Inc. and its compassionate, effective manner of giving back to citizens who have given so much for us.

Veterans of the American military are rightfully venerated for their brave and selfless decisions to enlist to protect our country. But despite the ideological support that our armed forces enjoy, some find that when they complete their service, they do not receive the same level of practical support during their transition back into civilian life. That gap is where Dog Tag Inc. comes in.

As of this week, the organization's flagship fellowship program—a five-month-long professional development course—will have trained 57 veterans, military spouses, and caregivers across six groups. Many of the program's graduates went on to start their own businesses, demonstrating the meaningful impact that the course can have on motivated men and women eager to contribute to their communities in new ways.

Participants in the Dog Tag Inc. fellowship receive training in a few core disciplines. With the overall goal of empowering the veterans to use their experiences and stories to their advantage in the business world, the course covers not only traditional business training like management, accounting, and communications, but also humanities disciplines like English.

"The goal is they not only see it, but they feel it," says Meghan Ogilvie, the CEO of Dog Tag Inc.

Courses in the program are taught by experts, including professors from Georgetown. The students participate in debates, give presentations, and also complete on-the-job work, allowing them to reflect on which aspects of the work they enjoy most—before they go out and pursue a fulfilling career of their own.

To learn more about Dog Tag Inc., visit its website and blog. And for more inspiring stories, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our Only Good News Newsletter.

Story Credit: Washington Post

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