These Vending Machines Are Full Of Free Books For Kids In Need

As an avid reader, I can't imagine a life without books. However, for some kids access to them isn't easy. For children in low-income neighborhoods of Washington D.C. they can now turn to vending machines for a good read.

Random House Children's Books and JetBlue are helping close literacy gaps by loading up vending machines full of free books. The books are switched every two weeks and there is no limit to the amount children can take. Over 100,000 books will find their way into a child's hand.

So far, there has been a book vending machine placed in a church, grocery store and Salvation Army. In the last 5 years, JetBlue has donated over $1.25 million worth of books to kids in need. But this is the first time their Soar With Reading program targeted vending machines.

Other worthy cities are going to receive 100,000 books too. An online poll lets voters choose which city will get win the next distribution.

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