This Lovable Therapy Dog Helps Sandy Hook Student Feel Safe

Have you ever wondered what special qualities are necessary to be considered a therapy dog? For the answer, take a long look at Spartacus, a 125 pound Akita, who uses his naturally loving spirit and immaculate cuddling skills to help bring light into the lives of those in need. Some people might be a little intimidated by his size at first, but Spartacus has a heart of gold!

As a therapy dog registered with Pet Partners, Spartacus has been an important part of the healing process for Sammy, one student who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. Sammy and Spartacus met on Sammy's first day back to school after being a first hand witness and hostage in the tragic shooting. They bonded instantly and have been great friends ever since.

Spartacus and his owner, Brad Cole, were called to the school to help children with the therapy process. "Spartacus is one of the tools we've used", Brad explained. "He brings a bright spot to her day... a reminder of what's good."

Comfort dogs have been redefining the lives of those who feel discouraged, afraid, anxious, or any other negative feelings after experiencing a tragedy. The relief and fulfillment of gaining your confidence and the ability to be unapologetically vulnerable again is something that these special animals are helping these victims feel again.

Thankfully, Spartacus is helping Sammy towards a brighter future and her story can spread awareness of how critical to a full recovery a comfort dog can be.

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