The Pets Of The Oscars

Charlotte, chow chow/retriever mix

Owner: Bradley Cooper, Best Actor

Adorable fact: Cooper adopted Charlotte at a rescue shelter. He calls her "the love of his life."

Guys and Dogs

Dali, French Bulldog

Owner: Hugh Jackman, Best Actor

Adorable fact: This photo was snapped just before Jackman began filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 in 2010. Nothing like a six-month-old french bulldog to get into that bad-ass-super hero frame of mind.


Chaplin, poodle

Owner: Jessica Chastain, Best Actress

Adorable facts:

-Chaplin won the Best Dog Oscar on Ellen

-During one of Chastain's broadway performances of Heiress, Chaplin, a three-legged rescue dog, walked right on stage. Chastain barely blinked and took him off, still performing the scene. She brought him out for her bow at the end of the show.

Daily Mail

Cleo, tortoise (no, she's not a turtle, that's the breed)

Owner: Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress

Adorable fact: For the whole first week after she got Cleo, Lawrence thought she was a boy and named her Oliver. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said Cleo had a "masculine energy" and just assumed she was a he. So, sometimes she calls her Cleo, and other times, she calls her Chaz Bono. IIIIII see what ya did there, Jen.

coup de main

Bob and Ned, Yorkshire Terrier (Bob) and Cocker Spaniel (Ned)

Owner: Naomi Watts, Best Actress

Adorable fact: Bob, Ned and Liev Shcreiber are the only members of Watts' family that aren't blonde.


Pippie and Sadie, Chihuahuas

Owner: Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress

Adorable fact: Adam's fiancé saw Sadie at a pet adoption center and just brought her home. No planning involved, just a spontaneous instance of extreme window shopping.

Pop Sugar

Esmerelda, Chocolate Lab

Owner: Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress

Adorable/kinda nuts/sort of funny fact: When Hathaway's ex, Raffaello Follieri, was arrested in his apartment, Esmerelda was there. The FBI agents left her there with Follieri's mother, and an FBI spokesperson said, "Dog not charged with anything." I'm sure when Hathaway got hitched to the extremely handsome Adam Shulman, Esmerelda was as happy and relieved as her owner.

Animal Fair

Helen Hunt's Dog

Owner: Helen Hunt (surprise), Best Supporting Actress

Anti-climactic fact/complete lie: I made it all the way to the fourth page on Google and found nothing on this dog other than the fact that it's definitely a dog, and it definitely belongs to Helen Hunt. But like any writer without facts, I made something up. The dog, let's call him Hunt Nicholson, is incredibly media shy after waiting out a twister in a Kentucky cellar with a germaphobic narcissist, all while trying to pay it forward.


Elmer, Cocker Spaniel

Owner: Steven Spielberg, Best Director

Adorable fact: Elmer starred in several of Spielberg's films including Jaws and Close Encounters

Honorable mention: This purse,

Owner: Quvenzhané Wallis, Best Actress

Adorable fact: Wallis says puppy purses are her "signature." She's had one since "Utah," meaning, since Beasts of the Southern Wild premiered at Sundance. She has 20, and we'll definitely be seeing one at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

MTV Style

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