The Most Inspiring Dance Studio Around

Tess Walters of North Carolina has created an inspiring place. She had been a dancer her entire life, and always dreamed of opening a dance studio. This past June, that dream became a reality, though the kind of dance studio was something truly unique.

Tess wanted to start a dance studio where her daughter, Mia, who has high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome, could express herself. Mia had been part of a traditional dance studio but they were not able to accommodate Mia’s needs. It was too overwhelming for Mia, who cannot concentrate as easily for 45 minutes as other kids.

That’s when Tess decided to start “DanceAbilities,” a dance studio where kids with disabilities can dance at their own pace without feeling judged. Thanks to the help of Tess’s hard work and donations, DanceAbilities offers free programs to kids with special needs in the community. There are dance classes, karate classes, and much more. It is a place where these kids can just be themselves, and express themselves in any way they choose.

What an important message!

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