The Best DIY Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Gifts are always better when they have a personal touch. Do you have a lot of gifts to give but are on a tight budget? Well, Popsugar compiled a list of 100+ DIY gifts to make and give! Instead of of a store bought gift, give some love with these handmade gems.These ideas save you money while showing off your amazing DIY skills! Here is a list of our favorite ideas:

1) Denim Coasters

Got some old jeans laying around the house? Well, this project turns them into fashionable and practical home decor.

2) Autumn Leaf Bowls

These bowls are so easy to make and are great for gifts! The best part is that you can make them year round with fake leaves!

3) Gilded Honey Bears

Upcycle your honey bear bottles to create these adorable pieces!

4) Neon Rope Basket

These gifts are stylish and useful! Adds a little pop of color to the room.

5) Fabric Covered Books

Re-cover a journal with pretty fabric or even any old thrift store books to create pretty pieces!

6) Printed Candles

How cool are these? They are super simple and look great!

7) Picture Coasters

What a great way to preserve memories! Make them with family pictures or with pretty clipart!

8) Thread Wrapped Bracelet

These are super easy and you can mix all different colors!

9) Bath Bombs

Give the gift of relaxation with these fun DIY bath bombs!

10) Sumo Bowling Pins

How cute are these?! You can paint bottles into whatever you would like and give them to kids as new bowling set!

To see more DIY gift ideas click here.

H/T Popsugar

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