The 10 Best Flea Markets For Finding Vintage Treasures

Everyone dreams of finding that perfect "treasure" at a flea market, and now that it's summertime, it's time to hit the road and find it! USA Today and Pamela Keech, author of he Best Flea, Antique, Vintage, and New-Style Markets in America, shared their favorite markets in the US and we think it's about time to plan a road trip!

1) Brooklyn Flea: Brooklyn, New York

"Keech calls this curated weekly gathering the nation's best flea market. 'It's just the hippest thing you can imagine. You'll find a lot of midcentury furniture, lots of vintage clothes, lots of handmade items.' It's also where to find Smorgasburg, a gathering of 100 food trucks and vendors, making it a fun place to snack as well"

2) Lakewood 400 Antiques Market: Atlanta, Georgia

"This huge indoor and outdoor market offers a rich spread of merchandise, from vintage toys to midcentury appliances such as blenders and toasters. And that's just the start. 'I saw some of the best Civil War memorabilia that I've ever seen: uniforms, swords, medals and certificates,' Keech says. It also carries items such as general-store cabinets and gas pumps."

3) Brimfield Antique Show & Flea Market: Brimfield, Massachusetts

"Any antiquer or vintage shopper needs to make it to this thrice-annual show, which stretches for a mile though town. 'This is the grand dame of flea markets,' Keech says. 'It's rather traditional, and it's very, very famous. It takes a certain learning curve to go there and figure it out.'"

4) Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market: Springfield, Ohio

"Shoppers find a range of Middle America at this weekly market. 'They have a lot of quilts. You'll see early 20th-century pottery and glassware — and also garden plants and motorcycle accessories,' Keech says. There's also vintage clothing, including wedding gowns, and jewelry fashioned from repurposed items. Three times a year, the market hosts special shows with even more for sale."

5) Randolph Street Market Festival: Chicago, Illinois

"For more than a decade, this market at the Beaux Arts Plumber's Hall in the West Loop has offered a wide spread of merchandise, from handmade items to vintage clothing and jewelry. 'It's very dependable for really, really smashing fashion from the past,' Keech says. The market usually runs monthly from May through December."

6) Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days: Oronoco, Minnesota

"Although this market runs only once a year, during the third weekend of August, Keech says she has to include it on her list. 'It's so much fun to see the whole town putting this thing on and having a great time doing it.' She says the merchandise offers 'a Midwest mix,' with vintage cars and an enormous number of taxidermy animal heads."

7) Plucky Maidens Junk Fest: Portland, Oregon

"Keech calls this thrice-annual gathering a new-style market featuring old items that have been remade into something contemporary. 'You might find that 1940s vanity that's been painted pale pink and has glitter knobs for your little girl's bedroom,' she says. 'The fan base is so broad that people come from outside the United States.'"

8) Renninger's Antique Center and Farmer's Flea Market: Mount Dora, Florida

"This weekly indoor and outdoor market has more than 500 booths. Keech recalls visiting a dealer who had nothing but antique televisions in restored cabinets, and then seeing a restored horse buggy for sale. 'You feel like you've gone in some other world.' Three times a year, it also hosts a larger gathering called an Extravaganza. 'It's crazy big.'"

9) Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Week: Round Top, Texas

"Every fall and spring, dealers set up shop along a 25-mile stretch of road in central Texas. While the shopping is fantastic, with everything from folk art to European antiques, the social aspect is just as intriguing. Many of the gatherings have live music and dancing — and even a martini and Champagne bar. 'I don't think there could possibly be a market anywhere in the world that's as much fun as this one,' Keech says."

10) Rose Bowl Flea Market: Pasadena, California

"This gathering on the second Sunday of every month is widely considered the best on the West Coast, Keech says, attracting as many as 2,500 vendors and 20,000 shoppers. 'This one is a classic,' she says. 'You'll find lots and lots of vintage clothes, probably things worn in movies. There are lots of celebrity sightings.'"

H/T USA Today

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