Teen's Prize Winning Pig Wins $31K For Mom With Cancer

Cade Russell has been participating in 4-H activities for 8 years. In that time, he and his siblings have entered their animals in contests that won them money for college.

But this summer, Cade entered his pig for a different reason. His mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and he wanted to help. If he won money for his pig, the money would go towards medical costs. And to his delight, his wonderful pig won second place at the Morgan County Fair. He thought his pig would win him a couple thousand dollars, which is the norm. However, it ended up winning him much more.

The pig was wearing a pink ribbon in breast cancer support and that factor made the price rise. "And all of a sudden the price of the pig just started shooting up," Russell said. "And when it got to about $7,000, my eyes were getting big, thinking, 'Oh, my word. I can't believe they're doing this.' And it just kept going up, by the thousands."

The pig sold for $31,000! And Cade gave all the money to his mom KSL

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