Teen Wins $70,000 SUV And Does Something Incredible With It

Erin Byrnes is one very special 13-year-old. While most teens spend their time hanging with friends, shopping or whatever it is kids do these days, Erin uses her free time to help others.

Erin and her mother volunteer at Joseph's House, a nonprofit that houses pregnant mothers and their children. She does chores, feeds babies and helps wherever it's needed. She attended a gala for the nonprofit recently to accept an award for all her volunteer work.

To make the night even more special, she won the night's big raffle! She saved money from collecting cans and bottles to buy raffle tickets. She won a brand new SUV worth nearly $70,000. Instead of keeping it for her family, who could very well use it, she donated it to Joseph's House. She believes they need it more than her family does. What an awesome kid!

H/T Syracuse.com

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