Teen Invents Life-Saving Sleeping Bags For The Homeless

One inspiring scientist is making the streets safer thanks to her inventive creations. Emily Duffy, a 15-year-old from Limerick, Dublin, invented life-saving sleeping bags for the homeless. These bags are fireproof, waterproof and easy to use.

Emily got the idea after fundraising for the homeless. She spent a day 'living as a homeless person' to raise cash for homeless shelters in her hometown. She saw their living conditions, or lack-thereof, and her mind began to run with ideas. The sleeping bags are lined with a thick layer of fireproof bubble wrap that is not only fireproof but will also keep users dry. The bag is easy to get in and out of and also easy to see; which is crucial for sleepers who are in parking lots.

Not only is this creation incredible, but they are also giving jobs to the homeless. The bags are being made by former homeless people, some who are recently out of Dublin's detox program, and are being paid more than minimum wage. This is to encourage them back into work and help out those still living on the streets. Nicknamed 'Duffily Bags,' they are being given out at an emergency accommodation center in the middle of the city. The teenager was praised for her invention, reported The Journal , with some saying it could 'save lives on the streets of Dublin'.

H/T MirrorUK

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