Super Easy Beauty Tips For After A Workout

You've already spent an hour or so at the gym. Now you have no energy to worry about your appearance. No fear! Here are some tips and products to keep you looking as good as you feel after your workout!

Tip: Use clear mascara. You don't want to over do it after your workout. Using a clear mascara won't smear and can be used to smooth back stray hairs and keep your brows in place. Try this product:

Tip: Scented hand sanitizing gel. You've just spent an hour handling weights, mats and machines. Besides its obvious sanitary purposes it can also be used to refresh your makeup brush and keep them germ-free.

Tip: Dry shampoo. This gym bag staple is a must. Just a few spritzes can refresh not only your hair but also deodorize your stuff.

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